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Estate Liquidation Services

Whether you find yourself requiring Estate Liquidation Services due to downsizing or because of the loss of a loved one, Oley's Auctions will assist you with management and liquidation of your estate every step of the way. Our intention is to make this transition easier for you while meeting your needs quickly and efficiently whether you are near or far. Our main goal is honoring your wishes with each and every item we deal with.

Our team of professionals will oversee the entire Estate Liquidation process as you require. This process begins with a consultation to determine what you require of us and how you wish to deal with your possessions. This is then followed by the actual clearance of the estate by our team. Most items are then auctioned or sold and if necessary other items are donated, recycled or disposed of as applicable.

We use a multi-channel sales approach to gain the largest return for your items. This means some items are sold on our Sales Floor, some go directly to auction and some will be placed in online sales venues. Since we work on commission basis, you can be certain we will do everything we can to generate the largest return.


- Organizing, boxing and labeling of belongings

- Sorting of belongings

- Transporting belongings, including everything from boxes to large pieces of furniture, to appropriate locations

- Donation, recycling, storage or auction of belongings

- Appraisal of belongings

- Auctions of items at the Auction House or On-Site

- Coordination of cleaning services

- Coordination of real estate services